Our Company


SunField LLC is a health and wellness company based out of Manhattan, KS. Our mission is to design and distribute innovate products that help all people live and feel better.


All of our products are designed with real workers and families in mind. We have personally experienced the aches and pains of modern office life. We actively listen to our customers’ struggles and keep improving our designs to meet their needs.


SunField strives to be an exceptional, respected company in our industry. We don’t want to recreate what has been done before … we want to lead the way with better, intuitive products that fundamentally change the way people work.


We believe in making a difference in the community around us. SunField donates a portion of our profits to organizations, foundations, and charities that serve people in need.


Our Products


TrenDesks is a line of high-quality, ergonomic office furniture. All of our products are designed by ergonomics specialists and recommended by chiropractors and physical therapists. Our standing desks are a great solution for workers who want to stay healthy and avoid neck and back injuries.


TrenDesks height-adjustable desks are safe and durable. They have an appealing design and come in multiple colors. Our current model is TrenDesks E-1. This model features an X-frame, making it easy to raise and lower the desk without leaning forward.


We also offer a line of helpful accessories that make working environments more ergonomic and productive. Current accessories include single and dual monitor arms; USB power strip; cell/tablet holder; and document stand panel.


Every year we develop 2-3 new products so that more people can join the trend toward better health and performance. We will continue to revolutionize and optimize the way you work so you can live and feel better!